20 February, 2023 - 16 February, 2023

Nabeela's Rays

Nabeela Al Khayer

I do not draw, but I colour.

Thus, I am attracted to colours and interact with them more than anything else. Today, I no longer paint. The Creator has created everything, painted it and structured it with surfaces and blocks. Nature has colours that many people see alike, but I see their colour differences as unique as it is supposed to be.

I paint what I see and feel in my palms and what inspires my vision to become more beautiful in this way.

Colours surround me from every aspect of nature. I feel the colour inhabiting me like glass, which reflects the sunlight that passes through it. I look at what the Creator and nature drew. I’m attracted to colours I try to repaint them. As I re-break the lights on the coloured surface, I see the sun shining on the water on the trees and the ground, and I find new colours when the sun’s rays blend with the raindrops, and my heart is dazzled with the colours of the spectrum.

I have an eternal relationship with water, similar to the one of our beloved island (Bahrain) to the sea, which surrounds it and the springs of water flowing from its ground. Water is the secret of the universe and that of life.

I do my art after I have studied it and rebuilt it to make it easy on the eyes and vision.

In this exhibition, you can get a feel of what I mean. Every work comes from my soul, where colours mix and overlap, a reflection of the distinct artistic vision that is my journey.


Nabeela Alkhayer ( Contemporary artist )