Nabeela Al Khayer


Nabeela Al Khayer,  a Bahraini contemporary artist born in Manama, is known for her involvement in women’s causes. After attending the Slade School of Fine Art in London she developed her artistic training by attending workshops in Paris and Geneva. For several years her art has been travelling the world as part of group exhibitions and during the last three years, her work has been shown in London, Singapore and Paris as part of the ArtBAB international weeks exhibitions. Since she has been rewarded with the Silver Leaf Award in 2003, she has been multiplying solo exhibitions in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The originality of her work has attracted many viewers and collectors and can be found today among the collections of Bahrain and Jordan’s national museums. The major characteristic of Nabeela’s work is the representation of women as what is communicated through her art is women’s empowerment. From one collection to another she illustrates women’s traits and specificities which relate to the diversity of ethnicities, shapes, social backgrounds and habits. Her work is recognizable by the vivacity of the colours used, the contrasts, the shades and the blending of tons and shapes.  From Africa to Asia passing by the Middle East, women are represented in relevant backgrounds that remind us of the regions’ traditions, norms and folklore. Calligraphy is also an essential element in her art, discrete or bold, full texts or separated phrases, the poems add a lyrical and nostalgic note to the pieces.  If some portraits’ lines are faded, others are painted in a vibrant precision that brings a unique energy to the art piece. Women seen in their intimacy or in their daily practices, in their joy or sadness, in realistic scenes or in abstract backgrounds, Nabeela uses different techniques and materials that will give a proper identity and dynamism to each artwork. Another aspect of Nabeela’s work is nature. Nature drew in refined lines and vivid colours. Lately, she has been also noticed for a series of artworks depicting with the same depth and emotion the magnificence and mysticism of water in all its unexpected moods and movements. Through the contrasted textures, colours, materials and variety of techniques, each piece of art emits a powerful energy. The depth, complexity and unpredictability of life as much as its melody, harmony and spirituality reverberate through Nabeela Al Khayer’s art.