15 March, 2022 - 31 March, 2022

Albareh Art Gallery is one of the first art galleries in the region, working with and representing many International Arab artists. Through a series of carefully curated exhibitions, Albareh has organized solo and group exhibitions for these artists and represented many in regional and international art fairs. Our mission is to present our artists' portfolio to local, regional and international audiences through an extensive program of exhibitions and events, educational initiatives, and publication projects. The gallery strives to establish an open dialogue between the artist, the local community in Bahrain, the regional audience in the Gulf area, as well as with an international audience.
Albareh has hidden in its stores remaining artworks from these past exhibitions and we believe it would be great to reintroduce these artworks to the audience, to offer the opportunity to explore and catch up on missed exhibitions. The approach will be to either revisit the works of each individual artist or to group the artworks by the concept. Some artists have even offered to add a few additional works to the series of “Revisited” exhibitions.
The first artists we plan on revisiting are Nazar Yahya (Iraqi artist that has been working with Albareh since 2007, having three Solo exhibitions) and Resmi AlKhafaji (an Iraqi artist that has displayed two solo exhibitions in Albareh since 2016).


The exhibition will last until the 31st of March,2022.