"V" Five | Group Exhibition

“V”, is a group exhibition by ve Egyptian artists, Eman Osama, Hanan El-Sheikh, Jehan Saleh, Shayma Kamel and Weaam El Masry.


Eman Osama, through her mixed media paintings, delves into the deep world of woman’s soul. Her works explore women’s physical and spiritual bond with nature. Fascinated by the purity and emotional depth conveyed by white as a colour.


Hanan ElSheikh uses it as a thick backdrop in works that strive for an elusive balance. It is through these works that she articulates the unfolding of her self-discovery through an examination of her environment.


Jehan Saleh fuses the perceived reality of portrait photography with the imaginary world of abstraction. The result is a haunting duality, much like that which characterizes the contradictions of women’s daily existence, in Egypt and elsewhere.


Shayma Kamel’s paintings tackle women’s struggles more overtly. She draws her inspiration from daily life in Cairo where urban Egyptian imagery coexists with such universal images as Disney princesses striking uncomfortable and confronting contrasts.


Weaam El Masry succinctly captures the tensions inherent in the life of an Egyptian woman as she negotiates social and emotional spaces in an attempt to ful ll contradictory expectations.


The resulting exhibition challenges the viewer to engage in an intellectual, albeit emotionally charged, dialogue on the complexity of Egyptian womanhood.