Hakim Ghazali | Doors of Light | Solo Exhibition





Hakim Ghazali returns to Albareh Art Gallery with a Solo show that opens a new chapter in his imaginative approach to artistic expression. Inspired by the significance form and function of doors in his native country, he has indulged in a new medium that has carried him into a new period of experimentation.

In this exhibition Hakim , has applied his brush to old Moroccan doors, producing 10 totally original sculptural artworks that encapsulate history and heritage as an added dimension. Through these doors, Hakim Ghazali continues to access his balanced and pure realms of poetry, with a calm creative approach that gives rise to feelings and emotions that are a real expression of humanity.

Hakim has finally opened a door in the wall. This is his novel contribution to this exhibition.

He has opened a door to his imagination, to the human imprint, to his psyche and his reading of the light of the east, to the essence that we constantly seek in art, to a source of joy, to a guide to our human depths, and to a language of enlightenment that aims directly at the soul.

Hakim Ghazali has achieved international acclaim for his large-scale textured paintings, often integrating calligraphy. His works are collected internationally by major art collectors.