07 November, 2010 - 07 November, 2010

The Dust Between

Nasr Warour

From 7 till 26 November 2010?Opening on Sunday 7th November, 7:00 pm

About the Show

Nasr Warour repertoire is formed by abstract creations fused with figurative elements. He uses cubist techniques and his images feature bold, bright colors alternating with dark grey and black shapes. In his latest body of work, ''South Passage'', Nasr's artworks expressed an ''overlooking point of contact between the corpus and the cosmic, the object and the environment, the being and the belonging''.

The experiment's subject was then to search for the relationship between oneself and the space, through the vertical line built as the intersection of the human body with the ground on the feet level. In this new series entitled ''Pollen Overwhelmed'' the artist focuses on the hands as the reference point… This representation of the hands differs by its horizontal equation. In these paintings the focus is held on the empty space or on the limits of the human shapes defined as ''pollen'', resulting from the dialogue between the object and its representation. According to the artist, this ''pollen'' can't be confined and it flees beyond things as a floating perfume. This overwhelming pollen is the human reality laid on the margins of ourselves.  

About the Artist
Born in 1968 in Syria, Nasr Warour holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Damascus University; he also studied at the fine art institute in Swaida, Syria. Nasr’s interests comprise art, sculpture and literature. He started with sculpture before dedicating himself to painting. This talented artist also writes poetry in Arabic and often weaves it into his works.

He has been participating to art shows since 1986. Nasr's work has been exhibited in forums and galleries in Syria and abroad, notably in Dubai, Lebanon and New Delhi. He participated recently to several joint exhibitions in Dubai and Bahrain. In 2009, he won the fourth award of Lorenzo il Magnifico in the Seventh Edition of Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art 2009.

Since 2000, the artist lives and works in Dubai.