12 December, 2010 - 02 January, 2011

Collective Exhibition for Sculptures | Birds

Participating Artists


Collective Exhibition for Sculptures


Curated by Hayfa Al Jishi and artist Ahmad Al Bahrani


12th of December, 2010 – 2nd of January, 2011


Albareh Art Gallery presents “Birds” a collective sculpture exhibition by a group of confirmed sculptors from Bahrain, the Middle East and around the world.


Curated by Hayfa Al Jishi and artist Ahmed Al Bahrani, this show will gather major sculptors from Bahrain, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, France, and Japan, to participate in this unique concept, which centers on the theme of Birds.This region has a lot of affinity to birds as they represent beauty, strength, nationality, freedom, movement, free spirit, as well as love, unity and family.


Birds’ vast representations and meanings offer a chance to create unusual sculptures and to capture the essence and beauty of nature. Each artist will present two artworks; that varies between abstract, impressionist or symbolic, featuring the aesthetic aspects of the birds wither scattered, in motion or in groups. Nests, eggs, wings, the existing and the legendary ones, in different sizes and forms, and in different mediums; stone, wood, bronze, steel, plastic, etc...


Thus “Birds” will be used as a symbol to what each artist have in mind in his own distinctive way, and to all what these creatures resemble and represent about us as humans and about nature in general.