29 December, 2011 - 29 December, 2011

Solo Exhibition | Dubai

Hamza Bounoua

The works of Hamza show close references to ethnicity and identity, colors and calligraphy signs interlaced giving birth to ancient shapes, primary forms and a new form of letters that is related to Hurufiya School of Art. This movement fuses the traditional and the contemporary, the letter and the sign, in a way that the letter is perceived as an artistic form and does not require to be read or decrypted.

Visitors to the exhibition can see that Hamza has been inspired by the art of calligraphy profusely used in the Middle East and has used the same technique into his latest work of art. Long narrow lines in black, filled with Arabic characters. Cursive or jagged styles where letters are treated like human: lying, asleep, kneeling or upright. In other works of art, his letters are spinning, always upwards, towards the sky. The artist’s extensive appreciation of life and people around him can be visualized in the way he showcases colors of the blue sky, a quiet sea and soft sand on a gentle land.