06 October, 2015 - 20 October, 2015

Albareh Art Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Innerscapes, a group exhibition that brings together the latest works of three mid-career Lebanese artists, Semaan Khawam, Annie Kurkdjian and Charles Khoury at its Adliya premises.

Traversing the very personal internal worlds of each of the artists, Innerscapes exposes personal dialogues, fears and inner demons. The works collude to guide the viewer through an interrogation of the meaning of personal freedom, the limits of personal boundaries, and the possibility of a darkness that lies just below a beautiful surface.

While Semaan Khawam's hybrid man-bird creature stubbornly insists on finding freedom within the confines of the canvas, Annie Kurkdjian's works are a darkly whimsical dystopian dreamscape where characters interact embarrassingly with each other oblivious of the viewer's awkward voyeurism.

Much like Khawam and Kurkdijian, Charles Khoury's works are a personal visual interpretation of 'nature in all its forms: human beings, animals and plants.' Colourful and formal in his approach, Khoury's work nonetheless is his own questioning of 'self, others and the world.' It is his expression of concern for man's destiny.