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The Perfumer

Nedim Kufi


Albareh Art Gallery is pleased to present The Perfumer, an exhibition of mixed media works by Iraqi artist Nedim Kufi at its premises in Adliya, Bahrain on Tuesday, November 11_th. calThe exhibition will continue until the 4th of December, 2014.


Kufi’s solo exhibition is a lyrical indulgence in escapism. He creates a serene world for himself where he and his art are one with nature.  The seasons echo his moods; leaves, flowers and twigs spill onto his muted organic palette.   


More than a mere ode to nature, however, this is also an introspective personal reflection on the artist's own life where individual works represent ‘dialogues between [his] past and present.’


Rather than celebrating birth and mourning death, the Perfumer honours the cycle of life, reclaiming organic elements from nature and weaving them into the fabric of the works in a continual meditation on his life's journey and a veritable surrender to a higher power.




About the Artist


Nedim Kufi is an Iraqi-Dutch multidisciplinary visual artist.  Born in Baghdad in 1962, Kufi received his artistic training in printmaking and sculpture in his native Iraq.  During the Iran-Iraq war, he served in the Iraqi military but it was the outbreak of the first Gulf War in 1990 that forced him to leave his home and family and seek stability in Europe.    It is this personal journey that informs much of his work


Kufi settled in the Netherlands where he continued his training in graphic design and multimedia and has since incorporated these skills into his filmmaking


Kufi's works have been exhibited in the Middle East, Europe and the United States and feature in a number of public and private collections worldwide.


About Albareh Art Gallery


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