Artist Statement

  • Jamal Al Yousif

I am a passionate artist focused on printmaking and sculpture. I was exposed to art at a young age as I spent my early years in the studio with my late father, Nasser AlYousif, a pioneer of Arab art. He taught me the patience and process necessary to create good art: guiding me through the creative process of planning, creation, to the fruition of that initial vision. His guidance shaped the way I approach not only my art but also my life, with careful planning and execution.


While I love printmaking, I find that sculpture has its own unique challenges that make it the medium I find most enjoyable. The way in which stubborn materials give way to determination and skill is very satisfying. I have experimented with many materials, such as glass, bronze, clay, granite and marble. Each has its own set of requirements that I find fascinating.


Both my sculptural and print work focuses on portraying the high and low points of the human condition and state of mind. Turning the human condition into something visible is an endless source of inspiration for my art.