Born in Mansoura, Egypt, in 1953, Mohamed Abla graduated in 1977 from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria. Abla studied in Zurich’s Bauhaus Oriental School and traveled extensively in Germany. In the early 80’s, he studied graphics in both Switzerland and Austria. Abla held his first solo exhibition in 1977 in Egypt, and then in 1979 his first solo international exhibition in Germany. His continuous traveling has given him a broad exposure to the international art scene and a chance to study and exhibit in European galleries. He’s also the recipient of many prestigious awards and Biennale Prizes.

Abla’s Workshop
He calls it the “Abla interactive method”, a way to teach anyone, of any age, how to paint.
A long sheet of transparent plastic is hung dividing the room into two halves. The participants are paired off, one person on each side of the plastic sheet, facing each other. One person becomes the model, his or her partner the painter. Tracing the outline of the model, the painter finds he or she is able to paint.

Abla Museum & Fayoum International Art Center
Mohamed Abla founded this Art Center in 2006; the idea was inspired by the International Summer Academy in Salzburg, where Abla teaches. The Art Center is a place for artists to meet and get involved in workshops, with an exhibition hall to support and exhibit art work and
an Art library.

Mohamed Abla has also founded the first Museum of caricature in Egypt.