Hazem Taha Hussein

Since the early 80’s Hazem Taha has been working as an artist, designer and teacher of visual communications design in Germany, Egypt and now in Bahrain. After developing the series of “Stick figures” in 1987, Hazem moved to Basel in 1988. This was the beginning of a series of new works whereby the paintings started to be superimposed with repetitive patterns. In 2000, Hazem continued to compose his works by the Juxtaposition of patterns leading to his own series of Omar El- Khayyam (A one man exhibition showcased at Space Art Gallery). As he said, Hazem was inspired by his parents who are both artists. He learned from his father the importance of building layers while constructing a painting and he learned from his mother the technique of painting abstract figures in a dynamic or three dimensional perspectives. He has more than 80 products and public art projects in Africa, India and many other European and Arab Countries. He has been involved in Photomontage exhibitions in Cairo, Marseilles and Bonn, as well as painting exhibitions in Sweden and Spain.