Hilda Hiary

Born in Amman in 1969, Hilda Hiary graduated from the University of Jordan with degrees in sociology and political science in 1990. Over the next few years she began to exhibit as a self-taught artist, and more than a decade later she obtained her second BA from Zeitouna University in Fine Arts, with a focus on printmaking.  Hiary has received numerous awards for her installation and video art, as well as an award from the Tehran Biennale for her drawing. She has showcased her works in international museums, including at New York’s Micro Museum and the San Pedro Museum in Brazil.  Her focus on the region’s political and social battles and their effect on her have featured prominently in her art. Hiary’s work has evolved over the years, both in subject matter and style, as she continues to navigate in and out of abstract and figurative works. Throughout her journey, she has used her characteristically strong lines and patterns, coupled with bright color schemes to create her pieces. Not one to create “shy” pieces, her works are proud and confident, commanding attention. She has a knack for integrating elements of abstraction, expressionism, pop art and primitivism to create a seamless blend. Strong and always full of emotion, her figures stare out through the pieces into our space, generating a dialogue between the viewer and the piece.


The visitors marvele at her exquisite works and carefully examined each painting. Walking around in her exhibitions, you can hear all kinds of interpretations on what each painting might mean. Dr. Jacqueline Taylor Basker; a professor of Art History, an artist and writer, commented on the depth of Hiary’s exhibited collection, she said: “There’s a profound, challenging message in her work that is disturbing. Which should be, because we need to be disturbed. We’re living through very difficult times and it’s the role of the artist to be the prophetic voice


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