Firyal Al-Adhamy


 Firyal is an Iraqi British artist, born in Baghdad, Iraq, Firyal Al Adhamy is a self-taught artist based in Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. Al Adhamy’s work is inspired by Iraq’s rich history. Her objects of study are varied although her single aim is to observe and faithfully replicate the object, thereby documenting and preserving it for posterity. Minute precision and attention to detail or characteristic of all Al Adhamy’s work.


Since 1988? Firyal Al Adhamy has contributed to noteworthy group exhibitions at local and international level, she has hold nine, one-woman show, her art work is in private collection world wide as well as important public collection including:


The British Museum (London, UK) two Artworks " private collection "

Arab British Chamber of Commerce (London, UK)

American-Arab Anti-discrimination Committee (D.C., USA)

National Gallery of Fine Arts (Amman, Jordan)

Bait Al-Qur’an (Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Jeddah International Airport (Saudi Arabia) 

Shaikh Ebrahim Cenrer Muharraq Bahrain 




2017  Art Bahrain / Manama Bahrain.

2017  Anual Art Exhibition at the Bahrain National Museum , Manama  

2008  British Museum “ Iraq’s Past Speaks to the Present ”, complementing the “Babylon: Myth

          and Reality” exhibition (London, UK)

2007  “Birds of War”   Candid Art Trust Gallery (London, UK                                                                                                                                                                            

2001  “Dialogue of the present”  Touring exhibition  UK

1998  “20th Anniversary: Egee Art” (London, UK)

1998  “Arab Contemporary Art Exhibition” Al-Riwaq (Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain)

1996  “Women Artists from the Islamic World” Islington Museum Gallery (London, UK)

1995  “Vision of East & West”  Saidi Gallery (London, UK)

1995  “Contemporary Arab Art Exhibition” Arab British Chamber of Commerce (London, UK)

1993  “Roots”, Imperial Collage (London, UK)

1993  “Iraqi Art Society”, Gallery 4 (London, UK)

1993  “International Artist Exhibition” Eastern Art Report, (London, UK)

1992  “Out of Iraq”, Camden Town Lock, (London, UK)

1992  “Iraqi Women Artist”, Kufa Gallery (London, UK)

1992  “Arab Women Artist” General Union of Palestinian Women (London, UK)

1989  “Print Making“ (London, UK) Chelsea Town Hall London UK 

1988  “Alfan Art Gallery” (Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain)

1987  Bahrain Art Society (Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain)




2016  Effat University at Architecture & Design ( Jeddah Saudi Arabia )

2013 “Darwish An Altar of Poetry” Bu Zaboon House (Muharraq, Kingdom of Bahrain)

2009 “When the Word Turns into Fragrant Ray of Light” The Memory of the Place, (Muharraq, Kingdom of Bahrain

2008 “Postcards from Mesopotamia II ' Green Art Gallery (Dubai, UAE)

2006  “Postcards from Mesopotamia I' Al Bareh Fine Art Gallery (Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain)

1997 “The Artist’s Studio” (London, UK)

1993 “The Artist’s Studio” (London, UK)

1990 “Treasure”, Kufa Gallery (London, UK)

1988 “Nafai’s”, The Gallery (Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain)