Reza Doust was born in Esfahan, the historical capital of Safavieh,  Iran. He was trained in the traditional method and techniques of Persian art (1974). And he graduated from Tehran University in 1986. 


Doust’s first solo exhibition, at the age of 14, was at the Iranian & American Cultural Society. 


He left Iran for Kuwait. 1993. Doust is known for his Avant-garde style, his painting exhibitions, and large installations art  in Kuwait and the Persian Gulf region, Europe, Canada. His art shows internationally. Recently (November 2017) he has his first solo exhibition at Contemporary Art Museum of Isfahan Iran, and solo exhibition on Dec, 2017 at Dar Al Fonoon gallery Kuwait. 


This exhibition is part of his large series of studying on Persian art. 


Doust lives and works in British Columbia, Canada.