Afshan Daneshvar

Afshan Daneshvar (b-1972) is a Dubai-based, Iranian visual artist. 


Mentored by her father, Afshan’s meditative works were inspired by Siah mashgh, Persian calligraphic practice sheets. Words and letters are repeated regardless of meaning for the sake of achieving perfection. 


There is a direct dialogue between content and form throughout Afshan’s work. Repetition is focal. Through reiteration she binds past and future. The present is constantly reinforced.


She writes, re-writes, and repeats each word and phrase until she loses herself in the beauty of the incessant process. Afshan singles out the beauty of a simple recurrence; there is no beginning and no end. The echoes throughout her works are introspective in their creation, subsequently encouraging the observer to reflect and contemplate.  To slow down the pace of everyday life.  To look patiently.  To observe calmly. 


To step a little closer.


Solo exhibitions


Dastan Basement, 2017, Tehran

Bokhara Gallery, 2008, Tehran

Etemad Gallery, 2006, Tehran

No13 Vanak, 2004, Tehran