Participating Artists

Exhibiting Artists

Ahmed Albahrani, Delair S. Shaker, Fadi Yazigi, Khaled Farhan Mohammed Alobaidi Mohammed Al, Ameri Nazar Yahya, Nizar Sabour Salman Al Malik

Born in Iraq in 1965, Ahmad Al Bahrani graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1988. He taught sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad from 1992 till 1994. He now lives and works in Qatar where he founded Mimar Gal- lery with Architect Hazem Abu Naba’a. Al Bahrani participated in a number of group exhibitions in Iraq and elsewhere in the Arab world. He has executed several sculptures for public areas. His works have been acquired by muse- ums and individuals in numbers of cities worldwide. Hereafter we’ve listed a selection of his solo exhibitions.


2008 Albareh Art Gallery, Bahrain 2006 Dar Al Fanoun, Kuwait?

2006 Albareh Art Gallery, Bahrain 2006 January 4 Walls Gallery, Amman

2004 Green Art, Dubai

2002 Bissan Gallery, in association with the French Cultural Centre, Qatar

2002 Al-Bida Gallery, with the National Council for Culture, Art & Heritage, Qatar?

2001 Al Fardan Gardens, sponsored by Al-Fardan Group, Qatar 2000 French Ambassador’s residence, Qatar

?1999 French Cultural Centre, San’a?1998 Al-Afif Gallery, San’a

Delair Shaker started his journey in an environment surrounded by art, culture, and creativity. At home, Delair’s mentor was his father, Saad Shaker, a pioneer in ceramic art in Iraq, who instilled in him the love of art and appreciation of beauty in all forms. He has spent five years at the Institute of Fine Arts in Bagh- dad learning and exploring the secrets of ceramic art. After his graduation in 1990, he participated in several art exhibitions and received an award at the Al Wasiti Art Festival held in Baghdad in 1992. Two years later, Delair moved to Jordan where he became the head of Art department at a renowned pri- vate school.

Early 2005, Delair moved to Phoenix, Arizona, where he currently resides, to continue his art journey seeking originality, vitality, and innovation. His new art experience tells a story of color using various paint mediums, pieces of broken glass, ceramic, patterned cloth, bits of lace, sand and fire to create inimitable landscapes of color on canvas and wood. Delair participated in many exhibi- tions in Jordan, Tunisia, and the United States.

Born in Lattakia, Syria in 1966, Fadi Yazigi studied sculpture in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Damascus. Since his graduation in 1988, Yazigi has been working with amazing discipline as a full time artist. Yazigi uses different techniques in his works; he paints on canvas or newspapers, makes relief... He has devel- oped a very personal style in each of them. His talent is evidently present in all his works.
As a professional sculptor, Yazigi’s bronze sculptures are formed in a very exquisite way that is inspired by the creatures present in his black and white paintings; as if they decided to leave the paintings and have a walk around us.
Yazigi had numerous exhibitions in the Middle East, Europe and the USA, selling to collectors all over the world. His paintings are also sold between London and Dubai, in Christie’s and Sotheby’s auction houses. In spite of his relatively young age, Fadi Yazigi is considered one of the most important Arab artists.

Born in 1977, Khaled Farhan obtained a Bachelor Degree in Arts Education from University of Cairo. The artistic experience of this sculptor integrates the negative and the positive in some of his works, and their relation with the mak- ing of plants. He uses in his works different materials: wood, stone and brass. Spheres and hemispheres shapes are apparent in his works.
He considers the scientist “Freud” the key to his sculpture works since he is inspired by Freud’s vision which states that the straight lines stand for the man and the lenient (wavy) lines for the woman.

Solo/Collective Exhibitions (Selection)
2007 Oman international sculpture symposium?2006 Kuwait international sculpture symposium?

2006 Cairo international Biennale, Egypt?

2005 Bahrain international sculptor symposium?

2005 Herika international sculptor symposium, Turkey?

2005 Amar International sculpture symposium, Dubai?

2002 – 2003 7th and 8th Aswan international sculptor symposium, Aswan

1999 Master of Fine Art, the University of Guelph, Canada?1998 Diploma in Film Directing, HIF Film Academy, Los Angeles, USA 1996 Certificate in New Media, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada 1995-96 Diploma in Film Producing, HIF Film Academy, Los Angeles, USA 1990 Bachelor of Fine Art, University of Baghdad, Iraq

Solo/Collective Exhibitions (selection)
2009 ‘’Modernism and Iraq’’, Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University, New York.

2009 Station Museum of Contemporary Art Houston, Texas, USA.

2007 Museum of Montparnasse, Paris, France?

2006 Gallery Jouy Switzerland and T Cazacrou Foundation, Frankfort, Germany.?

2002 Solo exhibition 4 walls gallery Amman- Jordan?

2001 Joint show Bronay gallery .U.K?

1999 Participation in KHOJ International Festival, Delhi, India?

1999 19th Annual Mini Print International Exhibition, Cadaques, Spain

1991 Solo exhibition, Alya Art gallery, Amman, Jordan

1990 Solo show, the Art Centre, Baghdad, Iraq?

1988 Four Artist show Tahrer Art gallery .Baghda, Iraq

Jordanian artist and poet, Mohamad Al Ameri was at the head of the Jordani- an Plastic Arts Association. He was also a member of the Jordanian Art Critics Association, the Jordanian Writers Association and the Arab Writers Union.?Al Ameri is currently Director of the Arts Department and Chief Editor of the Ministry of Culture’s “Al Funun” Magazine.
This artist and poet has also collected several awards in the fields of art and literature: The latest being 1st prize at the Teheran Biennale, 2006.

Since 1983, Al Ameri held 15 solo exhibitions in different galleries and cul-?ture venues in Jordan such as 4 Walls, Orfali Gallery and the Royal Cultural Center, as well as abroad: The House of Literature in Munich, Germany, Space Gallery in Dubai, U.A.E. and Albareh art gallery, Kingdom of Bahrain. He has also participated to various collective exhibitions and biennales, and just to name few, he has participated to the International Biennales held in Sharjah, Cairo, Teheran, Bangladesh... Al Ameri’s artworks were part of Christies’ Inter- national Auction, Dubai (2007)

1963 - Born in Baghdad?1986 - BA in fine arts / Academy of fine arts/ Baghdad

Solo Exhibitions

2008 Sultan Gallery, Kuwait?

2007 Karim Gallery, Amman, Jordan

?2004 Orfali Gallery, Amman, Jordan

?2001 French Cultural Center, Doha, Qatar?

2000 French Cultural Center, Amman, Jordan?

1994 Graphic Exhibition, Rawak Gallery, Baghdad, Iraq

Selected Group Exhibitions

2007 “Negative Positive exhibition”, two Iraqi artist, Albareh Art Gallery, Bahrain?

2006 “Word into Art”, British museum, London, UK “Dafatir”

2005 Contemporary Iraqi Art Book, University of North Texas art Gallery, USA

2003 Contemporary Artists from Iraq, Greenart Gallery, Dubai

2003 “Before | After | Now”, Deluxe Gallery, London, UK

2002 Asian artists’ biennale, Bangladesh?Six Iraqi artists’ exhibition

2001 Albareh Art Gallery, Bahrain

2000 Frederikstaad triennale, Norway

1999 Three Iraqi artists Exhibition, Agial Gallery, Beirut?

1999 Fifty years of Iraqi graphic art Exhibition, Darat Al Funun, Amman

1996 “Environment and surroundings in Iraqi art exhibition”,?Jordanian National Museum, Amman

1985 ?Frederikstaad Biennale / Norway

Born in Lattakia, Syria 1958, Nizar Sabour is Graduate from Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus, Syria 1981. He has also a Doctorate of Philosophy in Sciences of Art, Moscow, Russia 1990. He currently teaches at the International Private University for Science & Technology, Ghabagheb, Syria. Sabour artistic career has toured the globe, From Syria to Jordan and from Paris to Turkey passing by Germany as well as Russia and the United States, he won many prices, the latest being in 2006 - Prize for the Fourth Tehran Biennale of Contemporary Art in the Islamic world. Hereafter we’ve listed a concise selection of his solo and collective exhibitions.

Solo/Collective Exhibitions

2009 Exhibition (Paris-Damascus-Regards Croisés), National Museum, Damascus, Syria

2008 Collective Exhibition, Fort Hamilton Gallery, New York

2006 Fourth Tahran Biennale of Contemporary Art in the Islamic world, Iran

2003 Solo Exhibition, Aida Cherfan Art Gallery and the French Cultural Center, Beirut?

2001 Retrospective Exhibition, Exhibitions Palace Gallery, Leon, Paris

1999 - 2000 Alexandria Biennale, Alexandria, Egypt?

1998? Exhibition (Beit Sibai Artists) Alfayrouz Gallery, Manama

1997 Third Sharjah Biennale, Sharjah?

?1976 Fine Arts Center, Lattakia, Syria (first solo exhibition)

Born in Doha 1958, Salman Al Malik is BA graduate in Education and Art from Cairo in 1982. Since 1972, he has exhibited in various countries (hereafter a se- lection of his Local, regional and international solo and collective exhibitions). The artistic path taken by artist Salman Al Malik led him to interact with many artists around the world and to participate to numerous exhibitions in Asia, United States and the Arab regions. Salman Al Malik has also been awarded many times, he has received the Golden Medal in the International Festival of Plastic Arts in Tunis.

Solo/Collective exhibitions

2009 7th Solo Exhibition - Doha

2009 Doha Freedom and creativity festival, Doha

2008 Qatar Narratives exhibition Houston, Texas

2006 2ND International Biennially Decca for Fine Arts, Bangladesh

2001 “100 Years for Contemporary Arab Plastic Art” (Sharja Art Museum), UAE

1994? Babel International Festival – Iraq

1990 - 1996 Qatar Cultural Weeks in Paris, Berlin, Madrid, America, Argentine &Finland

1976 2nd Arab Biennially Exhibition - Rabat