19 February, 2019 - 09 March, 2019


Jamal AlYousif



Nostalgia: An Exhibition of the Glass Sculptures of Jamal Al Yousif

Albareh Art Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in the Spring of Culture 2019 with Nostalgia, a solo exhibition of the latest glass sculptures of Bahraini artist Jamal Al Yousif.  The opening reception will be held at 7:00p.m. on Teusday, 19 February, 2019 in Albareh’s gallery in Adliya.


In this exhibition, Jamal Al Yousif asks, ‘How do our minds preserve memories of our past, and convert those memories, into a wistful feeling?’  The glass sculptures are Al Yousif’s attempt to render physical that wistful feeling, that bitter-sweet ache for times past, and the people who used to populate them.


In giving form to that nostalgic feeling, Al Yousif hopes to preserve his memories and the feelings that they evoke in him, something that he feels becomes more elusive with time. 


Jamal Al Yousif was born in Bahrain in 1963. He graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and a minor in Art from Cogswell Polytechnic and Santa Clara University.  Al Yousif went on to found his own graphic design and environment design agency in 1994.  Over the years, through this agency, he has executed a multitude of environmental exhibitions and created a large number of art spaces in Bahrain, across the GCC, as well as Paris and Washington D.C.


Al Yousif has participated in exhibitions for over four decades, showing his work in Bahrain, Japan, China, Kuwait, and Qatar, and his work features in a number of private collections.


Nostalgia continues at Albareh Art Gallery till 9 March, 2019. 


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