Mohamad Al Ameri | Solo Exhibition




Jordanian artist and poet, headed the Jordanian Plastic Arts Association, member of the Jordanian Art Critics Association, the Jordanian Writers Association and the Arab Writers Union. Currently Director of the Arts Department and Chief Editor of the Ministry of Culture’s “Al Funun” Magazine. Since 1983, Ameri held 15 solo exhibitions in Jordan (at Lines, 4 Walls, Orfali Gallery, Orient Gallery, Hammurabi Gallery, and the Royal Cultural Center) and abroad (namely, the House of Literature in Munich, Germany, and Space Gallery in Dubai, U.A.E.). Participated in the International Biennale held in Sharjah, Cairo, Teheran, Bangla Desh, the Cairo Triennale for Graphic Arts, the Alexandria Biennale for Graphic Arts, as well as numerous group exhibitions in China, the United States, Greece, Sweden, Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, Bahrain, Bangla Desh, Germany, Algeria and Saudi Arabia.