Mohammed Almahdi | Solo Exhibition




In the course of our work, we get to know the experiences of the artists which we display or might refuse to display for various reasons. However, throughout my career and according to my experience, I always looked further into the experiences that would leave you speechless for it sets a human standpoint of the world around us and seeks to give the viewer the chance to get to know what is unknown in each one of us.

Among these experiences, the work of artist Mohamed Al-Mahdi for the first feeling I had after seeing his artwork was that artist looks at the world in such a way, as if he has not learned to speak yet or whom prior knowledge does not affect our interpretation of his artwork, especially that it is all assembled in one focal point in which the view is never complete in any of the paintings yet it spreads out across his artwork in its whole to focus on a spontaneous queen whispering without any boisterous techniques, what he wants to express to us.