11 November, 2012 - 11 November, 2012

Not Entirely Red

Faika Al Hassan

It all began while visiting her best friend in Syria early last year...an idea was born... to paint on a Fez. While in Damascus, AlHassan commissioned the best craftsman in the industry to make around 120 Fez pieces in the traditional style and then cover each with white canvas. This all came before the uprising in Syria and as the result of many experimentations and tests. All the pieces were then sent to AlHassan and her journey was launched.

AlHassan will be showcasing a new body of artwork based on the concept of the " Fez", or " Tarboush" in Arabic. AlHassan explores the significance of the "Tarboush" as well as its meaning. It is a Mirror for thought...not entirely Red but covered by all the thoughts within. The silken threads dangle down to the ground where humanity also exists while each tassel bears a thought that creates a more diverse and accepting humanity.
It may be a head cover, but it is not a cover for thought. It traveled from Athens to Istanbul as the symbol of a social class, settling in our cities to become a symbol of the diversity of human thinking everywhere. It does not signify a particular class, nor a tribe; it is humanity echoing, and not obscuring, thought with any kind of cover, even a fez.

Paintings, as well as installation artworks comprised of real Fez pieces, will be showcased in this unique exhibition.