17 October, 2010 - 17 October, 2010


Omar Al Rashid

Born in Muharraq in 1966, Omar Al Rashid's work usually reflects tradition, customs and Arabic heritage. Through his paintings of Arabic women draped in black cloaks/Abayas and colorful fabrics that lay on women bodies, Al Rashid was seeking to depict Arab women in their traditional dressings.

Colors light and patterns in his latest series of oil on canvas wear a romantic dimension; it embodies something more mystical and intimate. The artist presents in 20 paintings a palette of senses and feelings that is the intriguing result of an Encounter. He strives to capture on canvas a timeless dimension depicting a state of mind that proceeds the moment of meeting. The artist's subject revolves around warm and cold colors, recounting Omar's personal experience, his ''Rendezvous'' with joy, sadness and endless expectations.

Omar Al Rashid participated, since 1989, in various collective and solo exhibitions in Bahrain and internationally, in particular in Sharjah Biennial in 1993 and 2005 and he was also selected to represent Bahrain in Paris in the Bahrain Dilmun exhibition. After a short period of teaching art and as a Manager of an Art Center, he dedicates himself entirely to his art. Besides being a confirmed artist, Omar has been rewarded on many occasions.