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Artists Leadership Programme

About ABCAD Art Center

ABCAD (Albareh Centre for Art, Design and Visual Culture) is an initiative of Albareh and is operated under a different space. It offers a series of programs that address different forms of expression such as contemporary art and design. This project stems from the need to develop the contemporary art and design scenes in Bahrain, and ultimately stimulate Bahrain's artists to have a positive impact on the global art and design scenes.

Artist Leadership Programme (ALP) Project Concept:

This is the first Program that is initiated by abcad. ALP is a Community art project that focuses on developing the qualities and visual language of Bahrain-based artists in order to contribute to Bahrain’s contemporary art and design scenes.
This program will contain several research-based exhibitions for which we are sending out an open invitation. As part of this project, Al-Bareh offers customised training plans for each individual artist to reinforce conceptual qualities.

We offer an intellectual artistic route that contains several workshops to train artists in developing professional skills, to improve their ability to conceptualise, and to enrich their knowledge on contemporary art practice.

Current Team

Hayfa Al-Jishi: Albareh / ABCAD Founder and Curator

Mo Reda: Resident Artist/Curator

Hasan Hujairi: Artistic Consultant

Current Project Duration

January 17th, 2013 - April 10th, 2013

ABCAD Projects - 1st Edition: Artist Leadership Programme

ABCAD Projects’ “Artist Leadership Programme (ALP)” is a project that includes three major activities:

(1) Practical Art Workshops: Group workshops that introduce different art skills and media that an artist or designer could apply.

(2) Professional Workshops: Group workshops that focus on professionalising the self-presentation of artists and designers.

(3) Theory Workshops: Group workshops that explore the theoretical and historical sides of contemporary art practice.

(4) One-on-One Coaching and Mentoring: Personal meetings between participating artists and visiting curator/artist Mr. Reda. These meetings aim to help develop the artists’ works under a proposed concept.