A Historical Perspective

Albareh, the brand, was established more than 25 years as an art café space serving as a platform for artists and designers alike in showcasing their creative works in a variety of art genres. Albareh is the first in Bahrain to host numerous prominent designers and artists such as jewelry designers Azza Fahmi, Lama Hourani and Nada le Cavlier and pottery makers such as Mohammed Mandour, Evelyn and Michelle Porret, accessory designers such as Randa Fahmi amongst many others. In its early years, Albareh offered classes and workshops for such topics as mosaic art, collage, paint effects and many more. It has also arranged many exhibitions dedicated to Furniture such as Antiques and Art Deco.

The Albareh art café was one of the first on the Island to introduce such shows and remains till date as one of the most esteemed cultural focal points in Bahrain.

In 1998, the Albareh Art gallery was launched at an adjacent dedicated space to promote Fine Art and host shows for important Arab artists, to many of whom, their first show in the Gulf region. As the Art gallery’s reputation methodically grew over the years, it commanded international recognition and participated in major Art shows abroad.

Throughout the years, Albareh has always been the preferred platform from which, writers and poets launch their new books and as a stage hosting poetry-reading evenings.

The ABCAD initiative, which stands for Albareh Centre for Art, Design and visual design, is therefore, a natural progression in this direction. It represents the culmination of Albareh’s history and expands upon the gallery’s mission of presenting exhibitions and public programs. In collaboration with other Arabic and international institutions, the board members will nurture the ABCAD initiative and will dispense the needed knowledge, experience and the creative environment to make this happen.

The purpose of ABCAD is to provide a creative environment and a hub to showcase talents across the art spectrum, from design to music, live art to literature. The ABCAD platform offers the chance for anyone to be creative.