Born in Lebanon in 1974, Semaan Khawam continues to live and work in Beirut.  The self-taught multidisciplinary Khawam is a painter, sculptor, graffiti and installation artist whose work is informed by the daily reality of the city that he lives in.
Khawam’s uses his work to draw attention to political contradictions, social injustice, the lack of cultural appreciation and other uncomfortable  realities.  Early in 2012, he spray painted an armed soldier on a wall in Gemmayzeh to remind people of the Lebanese Civil War, something that he feels has been forgotten.  His arrest for this act drew international attention to the limits on free speech and artistic expression that Khawam and other Lebanese artists work within inadvertently but also ironically reinforcing his earlier messages.


In addition to being a visual artist, the multi-talented Khawam is also an actor, director, script-writer, prop designer for film and theatre, poet and internationally-published writer.  His art has been exhibited in Lebanon and Europe.

Exhibitions and installations

1997  Props designer for the (hour of the wolf) theater play by ELIE chalhoub, LAU, Beirut , Lebanon
1999  Acting and art directing and props for the film (Dystopia) by Mohammad Cherif, LAU ,  Lebanon
2000  Theater of Beirut collective exhibition. Beirut .Lebanon
2001  Theater of Beirut personal exhibition. Beirut. Lebanon
2001  Scriptwriting and co-director for (??????) theater play, Lycee Abdel Kaber/student production. Beirut. Lebanon
2001  Collective exhibition- installation-Exist  at Space SD. Beirut. Lebanon
2002  Script writing- acting for the short film (time) by Joyce samaha –LAU. Beirut. Lebanon
2003  Collective exhibition –painting at  Epreuve D’artiste. Beirut .Lebanon
2004  Art directing (celle-ci n’est pas ma clarinette) a short film by LIN Codeih. Beirut. Lebanon
2004  Installation-The departed  with Rafik majzoub at Janine Rubeiz Gallery. Beirut .Lebanon
2006  Exhibition paintings- King crow King fish with Rafik Majzoub at Nada Doubs Gallery. Beirut. Lebanon
2009  Collective exhibition- Art mix at Joanna seikaly art gallery. Beirut. Lebanon
2010  Collective exhibition- Art mix at Joanna seikaly art gallery. Beirut. Lebanon
2010  Acting – OMAR a short film by Joelle Beayni. Beirut. Lebanon
2011  Collective exhibition- Art mix at Joanna seikaly art gallery. Beirut. Lebanon
2011  Collective exhibition at rochane art gallery.Beirut. Lebanon
2011  Collective exhibition at art circle gallery. Beirut. Lebanon
2012  Beirut art fair exhibiting with Joanna seikaly art gallery. Beirut. Lebanon
2012  Alternative electro mecanique – collective exhibition at EM space. Beirut. Lebanon
2012  Collective exhibition (kisses o an Enemy) with thaer marouf at Sana gallery. Singapore.
2012  Nanbel –web TV show – (dark comedy) co-writer and Art director with Mohammad Shreif as writer and director. Beirut.Lebanon.
2012  Chair, table, a birdman- solo show at Joanna seikaly art gallery. Beirut. Lebanon
2013  Collective show at The Rivoli 59 Gallery. Paris. France
2013  The wooden rifle – acting – a documentary by Alfouz Tanjour. Beirut. Lebanon  
2013  Collective show - Three-Dimensional Interpretations (sculptures) at Art Circle Gallery. Beirut. Lebanon
2013  Collective show – Embrace Art Exhibition  at The Main Gallery, Le Yacht Club. Beirut.Lebanon
2013  Collective show – Fall in Exhibition at Espaces Ephemeres. Beirut. Lebanon
2013  Solo show  - (Ink, metal, charcoal & coffee)  at Art circle gallery.Beirut, Lebanon.
2014  Acting – (Incarnation of a bird from an oil painting) a film by Omar Fakoury and  Roy Smaha – winner of best experimental at Beirut film festival
2014  Kuchling gallery Berlin – ( Displaced portraits ) – with Maria kassab.