Participating Artists



Born in Iraq in 1965, Ahmad Al Bahrani graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 1988. He taught sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad from 1992 till 1994. He now lives and works in Qatar where he founded Mimar Gallery with Architect Hazem Abu Naba’a. Al Bahrani participated in a number of group exhibitions in Iraq and in the Arab world. He has executed several sculptures for public areas. His works have been acquired by museums and individuals in many cities around the world. Hereafter we’ve listed a selection of his exhibitions.

Selected Participations

2008 Albareh Art Gallery, Bahrain

2006 Dar Al Fanoun, Kuwait / Albareh Art Gallery, Bahrain / 4 Walls Galler y, Amman, Jordan

2004 Green Ar t, Dubai, UAE

2002 Bissan Gallery, in association with the French Cultural Centre, Qatar?Al-Bida Gallery, with the National Council for Culture, Art & Heritage, Qatar

2001 Al Fardan Gardens, sponsored by Al-Fardan Group, Qatar 2000 French Ambassador’s Residence, Qatar?1999 French Cultural Centre, San’a,Yemen?1998 Al-Afif Gallery, San’a,Yemen




The Jordanian sculptor was born in Saudi Arabia in 1945. He studied Fine Arts inYoungstown State University, Ohio, USA in 1976, and he holds a Masters in Fine Arts with sculpture major. He was the first director of the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts from 1979 till 1980. His sculptures are located in many cities around the world; in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, among others. He has been showing his sculptures in solo and collective exhibitions since the 80’s, we highlighted below some of them.

Selected Participations

2008 Opening artist for Cuadro Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE?2007 Valencia Biennail,Valencia, Spain?

2006 Collective Exhibition at Four Walls Galler y, Amman, Jordan / Collective Exhibition for Malaysian & Jordanian Artists at Gallery Shah Alam, Malaysia

2004 Collective Exhibition, Paris, France

1999 Collective Exhibition at Premises of Deutchwelle Broadcasting House, Cologne, Germany?

1999 Collective Exhibition of Swedish & Jordanian Artists “Meeting Point Amman - Kunsthallen”, Gothenburg, Sweden

1999 Norwegian Graphic Triennial, Fredrikstraad, Norway?1995 Asia Biennial, Dhaka, Bangladesh?

1993 Collective Exhibition for Jordanian Artists at the Egyptian Institute, Rome, Italy




The French sculptor received his education in Fine Arts from Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, and Paris from 1977 until 1994.The award winning sculptor has many publications among which; catalog “Monumental sculptures at St. Germain des Près” in 2010. He exhibited his artworks around the world in solo and collective exhibitions, hereafter a selection of them.
Selected Participations

2010 Solo Exhibition “Axelle Fine Arts” Gallery, Boston Solo Exhibition “L’écusson” Gallery, Montpellier Collective Exhibition “Alfa Art” Gallery, New Jersey, USA

Collective Exhibition “St Rémy” Gallery,Varennes, Belgium

2009 Collective Exhibition “Art en Capitale”, Salon ”Comparaison”, Grand Palais, Paris

2008 14 monumental sculptures on Place Saint-Germain des Prés and Place Saint-Sulpice, together with an exhibition in the Paris 6th Town Hall

Collective Exhibition “Rat Mort” Gallery, Ostende, Belgium 2006 Solo Exhibition “Saint-Pierre” Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland 2004 Collective Exhibition “Les Tournesols” Gallery,Vichy

Collective Exhibition “Besseiche” Gallery, Courchevel and Geneva 2003 Solo Exhibition “Cap Art” Gallery, Genvalle Lake, Brussels

Selected Prizes
2007 First Prize, Evariste Jonchère Price, Fondation Taylor?2005 Honorary guest of the Summer Art Show, Saint-Flour?

2002 First Prize, Sculpture, L’Isle-Adam?2001 Vice-president of the“Route de l’Art”Arts Show,Aube?

1995 First Prize, Sculpture, Natural History Art Show, Bry-sur-Marne 1987 First Prize, Sculpture, Beaux-Arts Academy, Prague




Mustafa Ali holds many degrees in Fine Arts from Syria and his latest degree in Fine Arts was from Italy in 1996. He runs his own Art Gallery in Syria which supports young Syrian artists, and he is a member of the Fine Arts Union, and the Arab Artists Association in Syria.The Syrian sculptor works with various mediums; bronze, steel, clay and stone, and the myth have a central place in his artworks, his latest artworks entitled “facial portraits’; which is a gigantic wooden piece. His sculptures are in many countries among which; Syria, Jordan, UAE, and Italy. Mustafa Ali participated in a large number of solo exhibitions in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Canada, Bahrain, and UK. As for his collective exhibitions it travelled from Syria, to UAE, to Jordan to Lebanon and even France, USA and Switzerland.

Selected Prizes
2008 First prize for the implementation of the project a work of art on the surface of the Arab World Institute in Paris, to mark 25 years of its foundation, France
2007 Emaar Forum Award for Sculpture?1997 Gold Award in Latakia Biennial?1995 Bronze Prize at the Sharjah Biennial, UAE



The Iraqi artist, graduated from the College of Fine Arts in Baghdad, a member of Iraqi Artist Union and a Member of the Plastic Artists Society, Iraq. His first solo exhibition was held in “The Hall of Dialogue”, in Baghdad and he participated in almost all exhibitions held in Iraq from 1986 till 2003, and he showcased his work in solo and collective exhibitions in many countries around the world; Italy, UAE and Egypt. He has many important sculptures in Iraq, among which a two and a half meter high monument in Karbala city. His artworks were acknowledged locally and internationally with many awards and prizes.

Selected Participations
2008 International Granite Sculptures Symposium in Aswan, Egypt Solo Exhibition in Al Jazeera Center for Art, Cairo, Egypt

2007 Venice Symposium, Italy?2001 Sharjah Biennial for Fine Art, UAE

Selected Prizes
2003 1st prize of the Twenties Revolution Monument, which was not implemented because of the occupation, Iraq 2001 3rd Award of Ismail Turk




Born in 1949 in Miyazaki, the Japanese sculptor, graduated from Miyazaki University in 1972, he created many monuments in Japan, and his sculptures have travelled the world, from Japan to Korea, to China to Netherlands, to Slovakia and many others and now it will arrive here in Bahrain...The award winning Hitoshi participated in many solo and collective exhibitions since 1982; we list hereafter some of them.

Selected Participations

2009 Chinese International Sculpture Almanac Exhibition, Beijing, China Schema Open Show 2009, Schema Art Museum, Korea?Asago Biennial

2008 Solo Exhibition atTakanabe Museum?2005 2nd Emaar International Art Symposium, Dubai, U.A.E?2003 Valladolid Symposium, Spain?2002 7th International Sculpture Symposium, Borkelen Schaft, Netherlands

Solo Exhibition at Wind Farm Gallery, Miyazaki

The Special Exhibition Daegu Kyungbuk Sculptors Association, Daegu, Korea 1999 The 18th Exhibition of Contemporary Japanese Sculpture, Maquette Exhibition 1996 The 4th Yokohama Biennial ‘96?1990 Hyuga Cultural Hall

Monument?1986 Exhibition of Kyusyu Contemporary Sculptures

Selected Prizes

2009 1st Prize in the International Snow Sculpting Japan Cup, Nayoro 1998 Grand Award in ‘98 Exhibition of Contemporary Sculpture, Hyuga



One of Bahrain’s established artists, Born in 1965, he exhibited his work extensively in Europe and the Middle East.The award- winning artist builds his art from the movement of society deeply rooted in rich Arab civilization, its mythology, religion and language. He believes that artists can pick their inspiration from everywhere and from the people around them. Although he is known as a printmaker and painter, he has become an avid sculpting fan who believes that “stone is already beautiful and by sculpting it, I am inspired, withdrawing that beauty into a form”. According to him, working on stone fills the soul with a special kind of pleasure that cannot be explained, as art is a spiritual exercise which cannot be ignored.

Selected Participations

2010 Solo Exhibition ”Al Mawaqif” at Orient Gallery,Amman, Jordan?Collective exhibition“Al Doha Capital ofArab Culture”Exhibition atVisualArt Center,Doha,Qatar

2008 Solo Exhibition, a Retrospective of Artistic Hand-books (My Book) at Beit Al Qur’an, Bahrain

2007 Collective Print Exhibition with Artists Mohammad Omar, Mounir Islam, Modhir Ahmad at Gallery Dar Al Funoon, Kuwait

2004 Solo Exhibition at Multi Culture Centre, MIndren, Germany Handmade Art Book “Rasa’el Qasab” (Cane Messeges), Abul Tayeb Al Mutanabbi

2000 Solo Exhibition at Gallery Alaa, Paris, France?1999 Collective exhibition for the Contemporary Bharuini Artists at Institute Du Monde Arab, France 1998 Solo Exhibition at Multi Culture Centre, Halifax, Canada?1995 Solo Exhibition at Cultural Foundation, Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

Selected Prizes

2005 First Prize in the 25th Mini Print International of Cadaques, Spain First Prize in the 3rd Musem International De Miniprint De Rosario, Argentina



Born in Lebanon, in 1963, he studied archaeology and developed his techniques in the art of engraving in Italy. Since 1999, he is working as aTeacher at the Fine Art department at the Lebanese American University. He has Sculptures in many cities in Lebanon and others in countries all over the world and he exhibited his artworks in Europe, Mexico, South Korea and the Middle East. Nabil participated in many activities on the local, Arab and international level, also he has received many awards and certificates of appreciation.

Selected Participations

2005 Symposium of sculpture in Vera, Almeria, Spain Symposium in granite in Icheon South Korea

2004 Symposium of sculpture in snow at Bardonechia, Italy Exhibition at the Lebanese American University, Byblos

2002 Symposium of sculpture in stone at Lataquie, Syria Symposium of sculpture in metal at Guadalajara, Mexico

2001 Symposium of sculpture in stone at Tanger, Morocco 1998 Exhibition at the art gallery Le Portal, Quebec

From 15 May to 15 June, making sculpture for Limspring Road in Germany

1997 Symposium of sculpture in stone at Morgec, Switzerland?

1996 Symposium of woodcarving in the Republic of Czechoslovakia?

1993 Symposium in public at Gap, France?1992 “Apostrophe”, Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon



The Egyptian artist was born in 1973; she holds a B.A. in Furniture and Interior Design since 1997, a Master Degree in Applied Arts since 2001, and a Doctorate in Applied Arts since 2007. Currently she is working as a lecturer in the faculty of Applied Arts since 2007. She has been exhibiting her artworks in solo and collective exhibition inside and outside Egypt since 1996.We list below a selection of her participations.

Selected Participations
2010 Biennale Venice 12th International Architecture Exhibition,Venice?Collective exhibition at the 3rd Festival of Fine Arts?Faces of Fayoum exhibition of an international workshop in Fayoum Art Center Artists
2009 Orientation in Art Museum of Bonn, Germany?Companion exhibition of rotoscope workshop at Mahmud Khalil Cultural Centre?Companion exhibition of an international workshop in Fayoum Governorate Winter Academy
2008 3rd AAW International Youth Salon?Parcours II - Assistants Exhibition in International Summer Academy, Salzburg



Born in 1949 in Bahrain, he holds a Master Degree in Sculpture, from the Academy of Fine Arts, Leningrad, Russia. He is a member of Bahrain Arts Society. Since the 70’s he held numerous solo and collective exhibitions in Bahrain and around the globe; from Kuwait to Russia, Lebanon and Germany, Spain and Morocco and many others.The award winning sculptor has another passion for design, so he did some posters, book covers, and produced many trophies for Bahrain’s local awards.

Selected Participations

2009 Conversation in Art between Bahrain & Germany?4th Bahrain International Sculpture Symposium, Bahrain

2004 Aseela Arts & Culture Forum, Aseela, Morocco?

2003 Exodus Anniversary Exhibition of the Thinker & Writer Edward Saeed 2001 Arab Sculpture Forum, Muscat, Oman?

1997 Cairo International Biennial Exhibition, Egypt / Sharjah International Biennial Exhibition, UAE

?1994 14th Mini Print International Exhibition, Barcelona, Spain?1993 9th Exhibition of Bahrain Arts Society, Bahrain?

1972 First Fine Arts Exhibition, Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs - Bahrain
Second Biennial Exhibition, Kuwait

Selected Prizes

2007 First Prize in the Municipality Monument Contest for Bahrain International Airport, Bahrain

1996 Merit award for sculpture at the Ministry of Information Exhibition, Bahrain?

1972 Merit awards at the Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs Exhibition, Bahrain